Underwater Treadmill


The canine underwater treadmill provides a weight reduced environment for exercise and rehabilitation.   The treadmill speed can be varied as well as the depth of the water. Underwater jets are available for increased water resistance (and massage) if required. 

Our underwater treadmill is purpose-built for dogs by Ferno Veterinary Systems

Dogs walk into a dry unit without water. Once comfortably inside, the stall door is closed, and the water level is slowly raised to the desired therapeutic level and tolerance of the dog. 

Generally one training session is all that’s required for dogs to become comfortable in the treadmill, and many actively play, while others “get down to business”. Water toys, treats and lots of positive encouragement all serve to enrich the experience further.  Staff can be either inside or outside of the tank depending on the dogs’ needs. 

The number and frequency of hydrotherapy sessions will depend on the condition being treated and other factors.