Pre/Post Op and Injury Rehabilitation

Patients receive an initial detailed full mobility and muscoskeletal assessment. Therapy protocols aim to focus on pain control, weight control, strengthening and rebuilding muscle mass and restoring/ improving range of motion and flexibility

Physical Training

Used in working, sporting and agility dogs to improve and maintain fitness prior to and in during the working season. Such training not only improves performance, but also reduces the risk of injuries

Geriatric Mobility and Obesity Control

Aims to promote good mobility and pain control in the older animal. This entails strengthening the often reduced muscle mass, a weight control program to reduce excess load that arthritic joints must carry, and addressing any other health concerns. Acupuncture, laser and hydrotherapy are particularly useful in geriatric health and mobility


A detailed mobility exam and muscoskeletal assessment is used to identify and address at-risk areas before they turn into a major mobility problem.

Mobility Assessments


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